Where to Get Sand Bags

Information about sandbag locations can also be obtained by calling RenoDirect at (775) 334-4636 for Reno, (775) 328-2180 for Washoe County, and the Sparks Emergency Operations Center at (775) 353-5555. Residents are being requested NOT TO CALL THE EMERGENCY 9-1-1 system for sandbag or flood information in order to keep those phone lines free for life-threatening emergencies. PLEASE CALL THE NUMBERS LISTED ABOVE TO VERIFY THAT A LOCATION IS OPEN PRIOR TO ARRIVAL.

Sand Bag Location Map - Washoe County

Be sure to bring a shovel to all sand bag locations!!

Sand Bag Return Information 

Please return sandbags to the following locations and within the jurisdiction (City of Reno, City of Sparks, Washoe County) location in which you picked them up.  

City of Reno
  • Governers Bowl Parking Area- End of Line Drive off of E. 4th St. Parking area
City of Sparks
Do not return any sandbags to the Sparks location they have been removed.  See Below Information

Businesses/Residents within the Industrial area of Sparks may place sandbags on the curb of the nearest City of Sparks street.  Please do not place the sand bags in the travel lane, sidewalks or on pallets. The bags will be lifted by personnel into loaders for disposal.  City personnel will be loading the sandbags beginning today, December 3, through Friday, December 14th .

Washoe County
  • VDF Fire Station #13, 10575 Silver Lake Boulevard
  • TM Fire Station # 14, 12000 Old Virginia Road
  • Sun Valley General Improvement District, 4th Avenue, Sun Valley
  • Reno Station 5 - 1500 Mayberry Dr.
  • TM Fire Station # 16 1240 Eastlake Boulevard, Washoe Valley
  • TM Fire Station #17 500 Rockwell Boulevard, Sparks
  • TM Fire Station # 18 on Diamond Peak in Cold Springs
  • NDF Fire Station #38 - 16255 Mt. Rose Hwy.
  • NDF Verdi Fire Station #35 across from Boomtown
  • Toll Rd - Hwy 341 Intersection 
  • Hidden Valley VFD 3255 West Hidden Valley
  • TM Fire Station 227 3010 Lakeshore Boulevard
  • Pleasant Valley VFD 12300 Old U.S. Highway 395 South
  • Pleasant Valley Elementary School on West Laramie
  • Silver Lake VFD 11525 Red Rock Road
  • Wadsworth VFD 400 Stampmill, Wadsworth
  • Washoe Valley VFD, 245 Bellvue Road, Washoe Valley
  • Bartley Ranch Park - 6000 Barltey Ranch Rd off Lakeside Dr.
  • Andrew Lane - Paddlewheel Ln. Intersection
  • E. Golden Valley - Golden Valley Rd & Estate Dr. Intersection
  • Washoe County Yard - 3101 Longley Lane
  • TMWA - 9675 Western Skies Dr.

Local emergency managers are urging residents to maintain a state of preparedness including the ability to shelter in place at home by having enough food, water and other supplies on hand for at least three days. Residents are also being advised to avoid driving during storm conditions and to avoid walking through or taking vehicles through any areas of standing water.

Washoe County Roads Department
3101 Longley Lane, Reno, NV
Phone: (775) 328-2180

City of Reno Corporate Yard
1640 E. Commercial Row, Reno, NV
Phone: (775) 334-2243